Pattayadating net

If they were poor, the scammers would ask their gullible contacts to pay the customs duty on a suitcase full of jewels which had been impounded at an airport.

Another victim, who asked not to be identified as she felt very foolish, said she had been conned out of 100,000 baht by a scammer who said he was a British oil rig worker who had broken his leg whilst saving the life of a dolphin and had short-term cash-flow problems.

Onder je profielnaam ben je herkenbaar voor andere deelnemers.

Je profielnaam is uniek en kan later niet worden gewijzigd.

If the victims were rich, they would be tricked into joining bogus investment schemes or paying huge hospital bills of their imaginary boyfriend.Two women from Pattaya also claimed to have lost much smaller sums after thinking they were in touch with male lonely hearts on an online dating site.In fact, these victims had been scammed by Nigerians, based in Africa and often working in groups, who claimed to be bachelors from the UK or the USA and formed relationships with women through media channels such Facebook as well as specialist sites catering for those hunting a lifelong partner.Inmiddels zien we de rentes oplopen en het sentiment wordt een stuk meer afwachtend.Tegelijkertijd komen er weer berichten naar buiten dat de jarenlange rally bijna voorbij is en dat we ons moeten gaan opmaken voor een bearmarkt.