Consolidating school districts in michigan

That number dropped precipitously through the early 1970s, when it fell below 20,000.Since that time, the consolidation has continued, though at a far more modest rate.Michigan has the nation’s fifth-highest number of school districts.And with shrinking state revenues and rising legacy costs in the state, top leaders such as state Superintendent Michael Flanagan and business advocacy groups are calling for shared services. Former state Superintendent Tom Watkins, Flanagan’s predecessor, is a forceful voice for consolidation.

On Monday, Republican Governor Rick Snyder and President Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan made an appearance at Ypsilanti’s citywide Kindergarten to showcase education “reform.” The visit was carefully managed to exclude the public as well as teachers, parents, and students who might express outrage over the attack on their schools.That's the finding of a new study of school administration costs commissioned by Ann and seven affiliated newspapers.The 2 million savings represents about 4 percent of total school budgets, or 8 percent to 11 percent of school spending once bricks-and-mortar costs are subtracted.This “shared services” model puts all public school transportation, food service and operations and maintenance at the county level.The Press and seven affiliated newspapers commissioned the MSU study amid a growing state and national debate about school consolidation and cost cutting.