Salsa dating

While not the easiest dance form, because of its fast tempo, it is not particularly difficult, and dancers of all skill levels should be able to gain proficiency within a matter of months.Salsa is usually danced with a partner and can be flirtatious in a fun way and sensuous in another.Two dancing instructors will be on hand to teach you the art of salsa and get you moving.There is no formal dating at this event, however there are multiple rotations to ensure you dance with lots of different people.You don't need to have danced before and you don't need a partner, all you need is to love that Latin spirit!The evening includes a complimentary drink on arrival along with some traditional Spanish food.See all upcoming Salsa Dancing Events and register to get your invite.

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PLEASE NOTE: We need to keep the gender split equal in order to run successful dating events, so bookings must be done in advance via AGES 24-40 Speed Dater, the largest and best singles events site, brings you a brand new fun and exciting salsa experience!However, dancers may integrate solo breaks known as shines into their routines.Shines involve lots of flamboyant movements and demonstrations of the body, and are intended as a way for a dancer to show off their full talent.While shines are in theory improvisational, there are many standard shines which dancers learn and can fall back on. At our new salsa dancing events you can learn a few moves and meet other lovely singles at the same time.