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If you have any questions, please contact the Residence Life Staff or Counseling Services at 715-425-3884.Getting the Most out of your RA Experience Ten tips…Resident Advisors (RAs) live in the undergraduate residence halls on campus and act as community leaders and peer educators, encouraging residents to respect one another and get involved with floor, hall and area activities, and providing information about campus resources.RAs spend a significant amount of time getting to know residents as individuals and generating enthusiasm as they bring students together to create floor and hall communities.Although many people start dating in high school, it is college where we get real dating experience.We meet lots of new people in college, so there are plenty of guys/girls to choose from.RAs have diverse responsibilities; virtually all are tied to developing community and engaging with students to create an extraordinary experience for them at Ohio State.

The reason for this prohibition is clear and simple: as staff members, RAs are in a position of authority over their residents. However, the rules were created to protect both residents and RAs.Week of January 10th: Candidates notified of status and interviews offered February 1st- 3rd: Interviews conducted February 17th: Candidates notified of employment status You will have to log into using your Net ID and password in order to complete the application.Click Resident Assistant Application All components of the application need to be submitted via the application web link.(Positions are also available for spring 2017.) View the RA Info Session dates and locations as well as access the online application through this link: Any questions or issues, e-mail [email protected] assistance.RA Memorandum of Understanding Resident Assistant Position Description 2016-20172016-2017 RA Employment Dates RA Interview Tips • Current UMass undergraduate • Must maintain above a 2.5 cumulative GPA • Must be free of conduct sanction • Must have lived in a residence hall at UMass Amherst for at least one semester at commencement of duties • The application for the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 academic year will include an online application, including a resume, ONE (UMass only) reference, an interview with a two- or three-person committee, and completion of the UMass RA course.